Bin Corp. is a blockchain-based microcredit company for the unbanked. Its business model comes through an analysis of the Bancoin’s operation. Bancoin is a brazilian microcredit fintech, which in partner with proScore – a credit bureu specialized in risk analysis and data science collected from more than 200 million brazilians – issues CCBs with a fixed rate and specific terms for each operation. To leverage microcredit operations, through a security token offer, blockchain technology was applied in the Stellar protocol to make this funding more transparent, efficient and safe for everyone involved. Arises from this protocol the token B.IN, which represents a fixed-income security to finance Bancoin’s operation.


Through a Security Token Offering, it promotes the Bin Corp initial security token offering of 5 million B.IN Tokens, which guarantee its holders the right to receive its face value plus 150 % of the brazilian CDI, after 18 months, backed by the CCBs issued by Bancoin exclusively for this operation. It required a blockchain token distribution to build the full-spectrum investment platform to make it possible to offer 5.000.000,00 Brazilian Reais of microcredit for unbanked people.



Blockchain Consulting

Blockchain Technical Architecture

Security Token Offering - B.IN Tokens STO - Stellar Protocol

Investment Platform: Full-spectrum Fundraising with Bitcoin and Ethereum Mechanism to buy Bin Token

Proper Wallets - Bin Token