DEXB is the first LATAM Crypto Exchange integrated with a regular Bank Account. It means it has traditional TED transfer operations from/to Fiat, but also transfer operations involving cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Moeda, for now. Moreover, regular banking transactions such as transfer, deposit and withdraw, bills payment (water, energy, etc.) and cell phone recharge will enable a practical and real application for crypto balances. DEXB represents the connection between the old world economy and the new one. This bridge combined to an increase in the trading function represents a decentralization and a significant systemic impact itself.


Creation and development from 0 to 100 of a new unique system made from inside the banking system and new Crypto Exchange integrations. Full-spectrum development with no Whitelabel feature. Performance and security in transactions. Design of a product, which gabs with both fiat and crypto economy perspectives, bringing people closer to use crypto in one’s daily life and payments routine.


Fiat and Multi-Assets Wallets 

Exchange Trade Engine 

Fiat Bank and Crypto Systems' Integration

Transfer, Deposit and Withdraw Engine - Fiat, BTC, ETH, MDA (more soon)  

Lightning Payment

Crypto Payments Arrangement 

Integrated Crypto Backoffice 

­­Bookorder Blockchain Record