Moeda Seeds is the biggest ICO in the Brazilian history track record, and one of the most nowadays advanced blockchain-based projects in the worldwide view. Its main goal is to Microfinancing community-owned enterprises and further. Through cross-blockchain networks, from anywhere in the world, secure and transparent investments can be made in ventures and projects selected by our technical team that promote the enhancement and development of local communities. All Seed Projects promote at least one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Moeda’s work involves implementing long-term sustainable practices and fostering local growth that leads to overall development.


Design and development of a cross-blockchain network solution, integrated among several protocols and payment features. Combination of protocols to ensure the applicability of the ERC20 ICO token (MDA) as a stable, social impact investment vehicle inside Moeda Seeds ecosystem, creating a secure and transparent blockchain-based microfinancing infrastructure for the Moeda Seeds projects selected. From the investment view, to mitigate the MDA cryptomarket volatility to be indexed to Moeda Seed projects returns, urges the need to design and creation of MDABRL, a Stellar-based stable local cryptocurrency, integrated into its own Moeda Wallet, which after converted, its direct stable investment to the projects. As Moeda Seeds microfinancing mechanism gains robustness, other renewed crypto tokens also enter into the Moeda Wallet portfolio, such as Binance Coin (BNB), being also able to be converted into to MDABRL, and becoming a social impact vehicle inside the Moeda ecosystem too. From that, has been essential to develop a robust Multi-Asset Moeda Wallet with built-in exchange among protocols, to convert any token in order to have stably invest into Seed projects. From the Seed projects view, aiming to guarantee the audibility and transparency of those project investments as well as its evolution stages and specially the delivery of credit, their are also tracked and validated by semi-permissoned blockchain network, which with the help of the local technical analysis team, record and audits the projects data and its respective stages of progress.


Blockchain Consulting Blockchain Network Design

Blockchain Technical Architecture Analysis - Integration among protocols and legacy systems Token Economy and Asset Deploy on Stellar Protocol: MDABRL, MDABNDES, MDAX.

Moeda Wallet Creation. Multi-Assets Wallet with built-in exchange: MDA, Binance Coin (BNB) - (ERC2), to stable's MDABRL, MDABNDES, MDAX - (XLM).

P2P Investment/Loan Platform

Hyperledger Fabric - Moeda Wallet and Seed Investments integration: Automation, transparency and traceability with Seed Projects data and investment. Smartcontracts with projects business rules (conditions and payback time), also recording its steps of progress and delivery of credit to Seed projects.


And more others specific developments, as:


Moeda Wallet (Ethereum and Stellar)

Wallet Creation. Containing, integrating and exchanging MDA, MDABRL, MDABNDES and BNB tokens inside it to convert investment to the projects.


Stellar Token Design and Integration

MDABRL design and integration as Moeda’s ecosystem stable token. Wallet investments’ flow integration with Hyperledger chaincodes.


Hyperledger (Fabric, Explorer, Viewer)

Registration and audit of projects. Chainconde establishes selection and progress of projects according to business rules. Transparency and follow-up of exposed transactions. Public and investors can track investment records and project progress.