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Welight is a innovation lab that creates tools to make it easier for people and companies to generate positive social and environmental impact. Its first solutions let people direct donations for multiple nonprofits while buying online in thousands of e-commerces without having to spend anything more.


Design and develop a semi-permissioned blockchain system on the hyperldedger protocol with chaincode which automated the money flow, since its arrival in Welight's bank account until it reaches the nonprofits' account. Then, consulting on how to build a platform on which the charities must register how they spent the donation, uploading proofs to the decentralized database and fulfilling chaincode conditions. Transparency is a key element when we talk about philantropy and Welight needed a way of guaranteeing to its stakeholders that the money really reached the exact destination and also that the nonprofits would use the donations in a suitable and effective way.


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Hyperledger Fabric Projects Record - Traceability and Transparency into Projects